How to discard all the changes in Google Tag Manager (GTM)

I have been using Google Tag Manager recently and it’s really a useful tool for tracking user events and managing tags in all in a single place. Cool right?

If you are reading this article it means that you made a lot of changes in the workspace but in the end, you decide to not publish the changes and discard them all. For now, there is no option in the GTM panel to delete or discard the changes that you made. What a mess, huh?! Don’t worry, here is the solution:

First of all, click on the “Submit” button on the top right corner. When the form showed up, choose “Create version” option instead of “Publish and Create version”, type the version name and click on the create button. Now a new version is created but it is not live. Good enough!

Be careful and don't use “Publish and Create Version” option!

The next step is deleting the recently created version. Since we are not able to delete a version which is ahead of our current version, we should wait for new changes to be made in the workspace and a new version is published ahead of the temporary version.

Before creating and publishing a new version, you should have something like this.
After creating and publishing a new real version, the versions tab should look like this.

After creating a REAL version and publishing it to the live environment, we can go back to the “Versions” tab and delete the previous temporary version that we created.

That’s all! You just discarded and deleted a bunch of useless changes.


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