As you all know, the Eloquent is an ORM that is used by the Laravel framework. It has a very nice API for working with multiple database sources.

But today, I’m gonna talk about a weird behavior in Eloquent. I’ve faced a very uncommon race-condition issue in Eloquent ...OrCreate() methods, in my case, specifically the updateOrCreate() method. The race-condition issues are very rare in PHP programming so you may not be familiar with them (then read this).

This problem still exists even in Laravel 7 (reported here). Since they have closed the origin issue, I don’t know whether it still…

In this article, I’m gonna get you through my own experience about interference between the Docker and the Firewall on Linux (originally iptables and its interfaces like firewalld or ufw) which took me hours to find out why my firewall rules are not working. If you are a Docker fan too, reading this article may save you a lot of time. Enough with blah blah blah, let’s dive into the story!

The Story

The story began on a beautiful rainy day in which I was deploying a Redis container. Firstly, I ran a container with the official Redis image that was running…

I have been using Google Tag Manager recently and it’s really a useful tool for tracking user events and managing tags in all in a single place. Cool right?

If you are reading this article it means that you made a lot of changes in the workspace but in the end, you decide to not publish the changes and discard them all. For now, there is no option in the GTM panel to delete or discard the changes that you made. What a mess, huh?! Don’t worry, here is the solution:

First of all, click on the “Submit” button on…

Erfan Sahafnejad

Back-End Engineer and DevOps enthusiast. Startup Lover.

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